Monday, June 14, 2010

A Word About Abby Sunderland

I’m truly amazed that Abby Sunderland, the 16 year old girl from Thousand Oaks, CA, who was sailing around the world on her boat, WildEyes, made it as far as she did.  Not because she’s a girl, and not just due to her age.  But just the sheer distance we’re talking.

I had been checking her blog intermittently from her start in Marina Del Rey, and I noted to myself as she got past Catalina Island, then down towards the tip of South America, and on.  I wondered as dusk came here in LA what it must have been like to be alone on a boat at night for those lengths of time.

Then all the way through the Atlantic, stopping in South Africa to get some equipment fixed.  This stop cost her the title of youngest person to sail around the world.  But then she went on into the Indian Ocean and hit a big storm; 30-foot waves ripped off her mast, and then she was afloat from that point on, the outside world not knowing if she was dead or alive.

What a journey!  I was just impressed that someone that age got as far as Cabo on their own, let alone the Indian Ocean.  At 16, I was trying to figure out how to get my stereo working in my blue Camaro.

Well, she’s young, already extremely experienced, and I’m guessing, still ready to do quite a bit more sailing.  She’s got plenty of chance to do complete her goal.  Kudos to her!

In case you missed any of it, here is her entire blog on which she’s still adding to every few days from the French rescue fishing boat.

Abby's Blog