Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I think it's just a shame that the judge isn't allowing Arizona to enforce a key part of federal law in their own state.  I don't see how people are missing the fact that illegal aliens, for any reason, should not be here and not be coming into the United States.  There are so many people trying to enter the USA legally, waiting patiently for their turn to come up.  And the US is the nation that lets the largest number of legal immigrants in annually of any country in the world.  Legal immigration is what our country was made of.

And for a cavalcade of California protestors to be heading over to Arizona to make a scene….and for the City of Los Angeles to boycott companies in that state for something that the sovereign state feels is important to keep their communities and residents safe….ridiculous, ridiculous!

Having worked for Walt Disney Feature Animation for all of those years, I always use the, admittedly somewhat myopic example, of imagining people sneaking over the walls of Disneyland.  And Disneyland's response let's say, being, "Hey, since you're in here already, just go ahead and ride our rides, eat our food and use our other services on our dime."

Disneyland would be out of business in about three days.

It's too bad that people let their emotions get in the way of what's good for our nation.  This country is ultimately all that we have.  And to boot, I say, why can't all people from countries who are faced with unlikable interior conditions make a unified effort to change their environment.  There are more citizens than corrupt government officials, so with unification, the citizens ultimately have an advantage. Fear, laziness?  I don't know.

But Americans have done it several times in our own nation and have gotten things back on the right track (Independence from England, Civil War to name a couple small examples). But again, that's ultimately the concern of other nations, not ours.

Today's ruling is just ridiculous.  The citizens of Arizona deserve to have the federal government enforce already existing laws.  And Arizonians deserve to have some safety, peace and quiet in their neighborhoods.