Sunday, August 22, 2010

How Many Gallons of Water Are There in the Oceans?

There are approximately 1.3 billion cubic kilometers of water in the oceans. 1 cubic kilometer of water contains 1 trillion liters of water. Therefore there are approximately 1,300,000,000,000,000,000,000 liters of water in the oceans, which is 1.3 sextillion liters.

To get to gallons, there are 3.78541178 liters in 1 gallon. Doing the math, that means there are 343,423,668,428,484,681,262 gallons of water in the oceans.

That's 343 quintillion gallons, or put another way, 343 billion BILLION gallons.

That's a lot of water.

Directly quoted from WikiAnswers

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Burbank Car Show

Brenda and I walked over to the Burbank Car Show today over on Magnolia Blvd.  Some really nice classics out today as well as food an a concert.  Click For Pictures

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Every once in a while if I forget to plug in the A/C power of my Mac, it does this weird thing where after it shuts off and restarts, my date & time resets to 1969.  It has become a bit disconcerting to have to hold down the year-toggle as long as I do to scroll back up to 2010 knowing that I've been around longer than that time-span.

Economic Tide

The economy is an ocean tide that is low at the moment, leaving things exposed.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Squirrel’s Busy Day

My open house today was in the hills of Eagle Rock. I sat in a beach chair on the 2nd level entrance porch with an incredible view of the San Bernardino Mountains to the north, while listening to streaming radio from my computer.

The deck I sat on was just at the level of the plush leaves and branches of the trees, where from the moment I sat down to when I left, a squirrel was busy doing his business. He was, well, squirrel colored, his fur a red gray with little black streaks, and he had a very bushy tail.

Mr. squirrel started the afternoon by collecting acorns from a large tree next to the roof, then, at some point, saw me on the deck and scattered across the roof, jumped into a tree adjacent to my deck, and then proceeded to work his way through this tree, nabbing nuts from within the branches.

After about an hour, he decided to switch trees via an ivy-clad fence, the crest of which he gingerly hopped along, as if weightless, and sprang into his next tree.

All the while I sat and waited for visitors. It was a quiet open house day for me, and a very busy one for the squirrel.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Parents' Transition

Well, it’s time.  My parents are going to make a move to an assisted living place very soon.  A couple of years ago, it would have been harder for me to watch than now.  It will still be hard, but in the last couple of years, they have been staying around the house with just a few outings each week, and the lack of stimulation is something that hasn’t been good for them.  The assisted living will have more.

I think about when I was 16 or 20 years old, what it would be like to see my parents in their 80’s, and I imagined them older of course, more frail, and less able to do things.  But what I didn’t imagine, couldn’t have imagined for lack of any real experience with older adults given that my grandparents had died off before I was born or when I was very small, was the quick onset of varying forms of dementia, the inability to express their thoughts clearly, and especially and most surprisingly to me, a general lack of motivation to do much.

These were parents who literally traveled to almost every continent (they only missed Antarctica and Australia), and it would seem, could not satiate their hunger for travel, excitement, and new experiences.  In whatever way that their senior years would turn out, it’s wonderful that they had these earlier experiences.  I think they are satisfied.  But for me, seeing them sitting around, just trying to communicate with each other in a large house, has been hard to witness, and has not been the best use of their life of recent.

And so, a new chapter.  Moving to a place where they will have more to choose from each day, and be able to be watched and cared for.  What to do with their dog, what to pack for them, keep, and what to let go of.  Indeed it is time, and it is a transition for me as well.


Wow, what would that be like?  I’ve got a couple of friends who have recently gone on really nice vacations and have posted pics on Facebook.  And boy does that look good.  A vacation in a far away place.  Seems almost impossible in these hard times.

It’s been so long since I traveled in a vacationing way that I’ve all but forgotten what it feels like to be carefree and only worried about what the lackadaisical schedule should be like for the rest of the day, and if there’s enough daylight to get a relaxing walk in.

I know the day will come again; it sure looks appetizing!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rolling Roadshow

Check this out!  This organization called the "Rolling Roadshow" presents films on or near locations where they were shot.  Tonight's is Jackie Brown tonight at the Proud Bird near LAX.  Brenda and I are there!

And on Sunday, they will be showing, "There Will Be Blood" outside of Bakersfield's, Kern County Museum.  Should be cool!  Click Here for Info