Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Squirrel’s Busy Day

My open house today was in the hills of Eagle Rock. I sat in a beach chair on the 2nd level entrance porch with an incredible view of the San Bernardino Mountains to the north, while listening to streaming radio from my computer.

The deck I sat on was just at the level of the plush leaves and branches of the trees, where from the moment I sat down to when I left, a squirrel was busy doing his business. He was, well, squirrel colored, his fur a red gray with little black streaks, and he had a very bushy tail.

Mr. squirrel started the afternoon by collecting acorns from a large tree next to the roof, then, at some point, saw me on the deck and scattered across the roof, jumped into a tree adjacent to my deck, and then proceeded to work his way through this tree, nabbing nuts from within the branches.

After about an hour, he decided to switch trees via an ivy-clad fence, the crest of which he gingerly hopped along, as if weightless, and sprang into his next tree.

All the while I sat and waited for visitors. It was a quiet open house day for me, and a very busy one for the squirrel.