Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Starting (To Go Off Point)

The candidates for the California Governor race are starting to generate mud slinging with only thirty days until the election.  And of course it isn’t going to be a discussion about solutions to the economy, or jobs, or the foreclosure crisis.  Meg Whitman is just today defending her having fired a housekeeper who revealed to Whitman and her husband that she was undocumented.  Whitman is alleging that the housekeeper is being manipulated into “coming out” against her, so to speak.  The rabid Gloria Allred is accusing Whitman of having known for a long time that the housekeeper was an illegal immigrant, and that Whitman and her husband simply got rid of her at the last minute to protect her campaign.

And all of this, really, to keep everyone off point.  With this circus going on in the media, how are we supposed to make an informed choice about either of these candidates to run our State; the most populated of states in our nation?  Because in reality, neither one of them is going to address the illegal immigration issue if elected to office.  That is for sure.  So why even bring it up in any form at all?

I hate to seem so negative, but California’s finances are royally messed up.  It's a "shit-storm" to use a Vic Mackey phrase.  A nineteen billion dollar deficit with a current government that can’t get a budget out on time.  Great going Mr. Austrian Oak!  Jobs flying out to Texas and Arizona as fast as those states’ chambers of commerce can shop for and lure them out of the Sunshine State. 

And seriously, who would want to be governor at this time?  Can either of these candidates really make a difference?  Does Jerry Brown really think that making green jobs right now, with this economy, will help us out of our hole when green jobs currently make up 3% of the work arena?  Does Meg Whitman, who has pretty much no experience in government at all, think she can buy her way in with $120 million dollars and actually straighten things out like a publicly traded company?

How can we possibly know anything about them when both are wrapped up in media-candy such as why their maid was fired?  We’ll never know if either really does have a good plan for California if they go on like this, with each trying to derail each other and only hitting their talking points during debates while not answering any specific questions, and most assuredly, they will.  For that’s the game of modern politics.

Just a note that for the photo above, I went into PhotoShop and painted them with a really broad brush!