Thursday, September 30, 2010


Southern California has just gone though an incredible few days of first, really dry heat, breaking all time records in downtown with 113 degrees, and then a few more days of extremely humid heat producing thunderstorms.

Quentin Tarantino’s editor, Sally Menke, went hiking in Griffith Park on Monday, the day of the heat records, and she got lost, passed out and died.  She was found Tuesday morning with her extremely dehydrated dog having survived by her side.

It’s a terrible thing and I feel for her family, but at the same time, all of the media was warning people for a couple of days that Monday would be an extremely hot day.  I can’t imagine what would have possessed her to go hiking; this being written by a person who has run 25 marathons and numerous races, but who would never have gone out hiking that day.  Well, however it happened, it was tragic.