Saturday, October 16, 2010

Charter Mis-Communications

I called my cable company to pick up their modem and cable boxes that have been sitting around my house for a while.  They were supposed to arrive between 1pm-5pm this past Thursday.  You know the drill.  You call, they give you a window of time of when they will (possibly) show up, and then everyone is unhappy.

Well, of course they didn’t show up.  When I called, they gave me some lame-ass excuse about their dispatch network being interrupted.  Call me a cynic, but somehow I knew they weren’t coming.  How many other industries or institutions do you automatically know that you are going to get really delayed service?

Well, there’s the DMV.  The Department of Motor Vehicles is no doubt one of the slowest of anythings, anywhere.  Their ‘tenured’ staff can be counted on to always do the bare minimum of what is required to get people in and out of the door.  That's why I used AAA for those types of transactions.

And then there’s your personal physician, who always gets a good five or six people in the waiting room at the same time.  That way, the charge-o-meter can be working simultaneously on the whole lot of you.

But the cable companies are about the worst of them.  How can an industry operate with the premise that they will make an appointment with you during a four-hour span of time?  How do we accept this?  This means someone taking a half-day off of work for a service that has like a 63% chance of showing.  You wouldn’t wait outside of someone’s office for four hours, would you?  But somehow because we’re at your own home, we tolerate it.

The industry’s reputation is so tarnished in this way that they even made a movie about it.  We all know that if someone says they are waiting for the cable guy, they are in limbo and total lack of control of the rest of their day.

And in all of this, how hasn't any cable company (Charter Communications certainly included), or dish company, or whatever, figured out that if they were to make an exact appointment with you, and keep it within ten to fifteen minutes, word of mouth of their brand name would spread like wildfire, and they would rule the world! 

Rather than getting flustered by the whole thing, I realize now that I should have just kicked back on my couch, put Jim Carrey into the DVD player and had a few laughs during my "free time."