Saturday, January 22, 2011

No Mo Po-Po in the No Ho

I read that the police have been having to respond to many crimes of varying types in the No Ho area of the San Fernando Valley, the hip, starting-to-be gentrified area of North Hollywood centered around Lankershim and Magnolia Boulevards, where there are several equity waiver theaters and Starbucks within a half mile radius. 

Several years go, there were a rash of shootings, one of which took the life of a long time friend of mine, and then it seemed to quiet down a bit after that.  No Ho is in an area that is still surrounded by some iffy hoods; stretches that if one were to drive by at 11:30pm, one might wonder exactly what various street urchins were doing out idly that late. 

I am glad to see that parts of North Hollywood, once run down, are starting to show islands of restaurants, theaters and active business and hope that this trend spreads.  I have always wondered what Lankershim must have been like during the early days of L.A., when so many businesses were centered along the trolley line turned main boulevard, and saddened, even as a teen, to see a part of the valley so run down. 

So hopefully the occasional waves crime sprees in these areas will reduce in frequency in the future.  It would be nice to have a variety of areas in the Valley to go to for shopping and entertainment aside from just the Ventura Boulevard corridor.