Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ten Things To Do With Free Time

1. Build a sand castle out of snow.
2. Wake up early and eat eggs at that diner you've always passed.
3. See how many types of tire pressure gauges are manufactured.
4. Visit an old veteran's air field museum.
5. Stop by a show in Branson, Missouri.
6. Point to a place on a map and drive there that day.
7. Camp in a cave with just a sleeping bag and a pillow.
8. Roll a bowling ball down a slightly declined cement driveway.
9. Let go of a helium balloon and watch it rise as long as possible with binoculars and see if you experience any feelings of lament.
10. Memorize all of your city, county, state and U.S. representatives and recite them in ascending order in seven seconds or fewer.