Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turning a Turf-Game into Turf-War

This beating to near death of a Giants fan by Latino gang-culture thugs at Dodger’s Stadium….fucking ridiculous and a tragedy.

I stopped going to games a few years back, partially because I noticed it was getting rougher at the park.  Lots of youths with white t-shirts down past their butts, goatees and shaved heads, loitering around with intimidating stances and behavior looking to challenge anybody.  It's just idiocy at it's ripest.

And after the game, having to navigate through broken glass with hoodlums drinking, tailgating and throwing bottles indiscriminately; not the family-flavored type of event I had been hoping for.

The Dodgers Organization, the LAPD, and the LA City Council must obliterate this type of behavior, and quickly, or else few will want to risk the perils of attending games in the future; a potentially sad destiny for such a great sport.

In the mean time, I’m glad to be living in a city (not the City of Los Angeles) that has a police department and a city council that has zero tolerance for this sort of behavior.