Friday, August 24, 2012

Lactal Inebriation

As an eleven year-old, I tended to get obsessed with music now and then.  During the time when the Abba song, "Fernando," was popular, I used to sit at the desk in my room at about nine o'clock at night, playing a plastic little bronze mechanical poker toy thing I had, and I’d keep vigil with my AM desk radio on waiting for Fernando to be played.  Something particularly about this song fed my melancholy thirst.  I think it was wintertime and the nights were long, and I was wistful about everything in my life right then.

Part of the tradition for that short period was sitting in my white robe and having a gallon of milk parked there in front of me on the desk; the whole plastic carton.  I would chug and chug it until finally I would have to put my head down on the desk due to an expanded stomach.  It was akin to getting stone drunk, but on milk.

Fernando would eventually come on the radio during my malaise, which I would end up hearing through a partially milk-induced sleep, head still cemented to my desk. 

What exactly was going on there, I just have no idea.