Monday, May 18, 2015

Recognition Versus Recall

Not having done an ounce of research on this topic, I really shouldn’t be writing about it.  But I will anyway simply because it interest me; yet not enough to do any research on it.  Go figure!

Most people come to realize at some point that their recognition is and always has been better than their recall.  Okay, I will exclude Marilu Henner and her ilk (who are perfect examples of why you chop off the extremes when doing statistics) from this “given.”  But think about it.  If someone asked you to name off the books in your book cabinet in the other room, or the old CD’s that you have in that old box under your bed, if actually tested, you might get fifteen percent of them right?  Maybe twenty?  Yet, if someone took all of your books out of your cabinet, or all of your CD’s out of that box, and mixed them up with a bunch of others, you would undoubtedly be able to recognize those, which were yours, and those that you had never seen before.