Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why I Type Loudly

You know what's a strange sign of the generation that I came from?  How loudly I type.  I often go to libraries to work on various self-assigned writing projects, and what I find is that invariably at some point as I'm typing, I will get a look from a person or two.  It only had to happen a few times for me to realize what was going on. 

These people were all young people, in their twenties or thirties.  And I'm fifty.  The first Mac SE that I ever touched was in the U.S.C. library during about my junior year there.  And the first Mac that was ever mine to use with regularity was when I worked at Disney Feature Animation, where I was assigned my own Mac SE.  That was the one that looked like an upright shoe box and had a black and white screen about the size of most stock car navigation screens.  And the first Mac that I ever bought was the second generation color screen Mac with money that I had invested in Pixar Animation and had made enough upside to purchase it.