Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Great Uncle's Date

This afternoon, Brenda and I went my uncle’s assisted living residence to give him a quick hello.  When we arrived, we saw a young man locking up a black BMW and then seemingly setting up uncle’s Mercedes.  I thought that maybe it was one of the assisted living workers either cleaning or maybe starting my uncle’s car since he no longer drives, but still likes to have his vehicle kept and maintained there. 

We went directly up to the my uncle's floor and found him standing next to the alternate elevators just down the hall from the one we had used, waiting with his walker.  We surprised him and said, “Hi uncle!” He was delighted to see us, and he said he wanted to talk with me to catch up sometime this coming week.  However, he couldn’t visit tonight because he had a date waiting for him downstairs in the parking lot.

He had on dark green dress pants; a new lightly pattered plaid blue shirt, and a dark sweater vest.  I told him that he looked rather natty this evening.  When he looked back at my puzzled, I told him that it was an old English term, meaning, “spiffy.”  He waived his hand across in front of him and said, “Oh, I don’t know any of that.” He invited us to join him on his journey down the elevator to his awaiting car and date.  He told Brenda and I that we could even join him on his date.  I declined saying, “Oh, we wouldn’t understand what the grown ups were talking about.” 

When we reached the subterranean parking lot, my uncle’s date hadn’t arrived yet. But it turned out that his grandson, Nathan, was the one who had prepared my great uncle’s car for him.  It was a treat for Brenda and I to meet Nathan for the first time because my uncle talks about him all of the time.  He is a very tall, good-looking, dark-haired, twenty-year old, and a friendly soul.   

I helped uncle by opening the front passenger door of his car.  He said that he wanted to be in the back seat.  “Of course,” I said to myself chuckling, “Because this is a date, and Nathan must have been appointed the chauffeur for the evening.”  I assisted my uncle into his seat while handing Nate the walker to be folded up into the trunk of the shiny black Mercedes. 

Just then, a woman came out of the elevator.  She was blonde, very good looking, and a resident of the assisted living, probably in her late seventies.  My uncle told Brenda, “That’s Lucille.”  I didn’t hear, so I asked Brenda to repeat the name to me since Brenda by that time was closer to my uncle.  He said, “Go introduce yourselves to her.” 

She came to the other side of the car saying emphatically, “You know this elevator does some strange things.”  I think that when she saw three people, along with my uncle waiting for her, she felt she had to explain being the last one down, which was obviously not necessary.  Nate had the left passenger door opened for Lucille, and before she could enter, I walked up to her side of the vehicle and said, “Lucille I am Fred Herrman; you date's great nephew.”  Brenda introduced herself as well.  Then, Lucille, smiling and ready for her date, slipped herself lightly into the awaiting car. 

As both doors were shut, Nate got into the driver’s seat and started to pull the car forward, and we waived, “bye” to my uncle and his date seated in the back, both of which were still visible through the softly green tinted windows of the automobile.  Brenda and I couldn’t help but think that it was one of the cutest things we had ever seen.  My great uncle is ninety-three years old, and God love him!