Friday, March 25, 2016

Smart Phone Absorption

I am re-reading The Great Gatsby right now, and it occurred to me that I seldom see kids, or even adults for that matter, sitting and reading books anymore.  It’s like the shiny thing (their cell phone) keeps them occupied because after every Facebook post, or Tweet, or Instragram photo, there is another quick one-hundred and forty letter “fix” accompanied by a photo that satisfies their need for short term stimulation.

I will sound like a male chauvinist now, but i don’t mind because this is absolutely true.  The next time you are driving, or are walking your dog, or are out and about in society at all, take a gander at the next women you see under the age of fifty who is walking on the sidewalk.  You will almost never see her walking straight ahead with her eyes up in front of them.

Most women are almost without exception walk with their heads down and eyes averted from the people on the street deep into their cell phone, or they are passing the time by of our foot commute by talking on the phone.  I feel it’s a way for women to make sure that do not have to interact with any passers by, and the sad thing in my opinion is that they are disconnected from the very environment that they are passing though.  It’s really a relatively new and odd phenomenon when you start noticing it.

There are a lot of things I love about the smart phone, don’t get me wrong.  I love that I can look something up if a thought occurs to me on the couch at night or when I’m going to bed.  I just pull up Wikipedia and read all about what the role of the royalty is in Denmark these days, or where Gobekli Tepe sits, or what exactly the name of the band was that sang, “Jackie Blue.”  I know it’s some weird name with “Ozarks" in it.

But I’m really starting to get concerned that one of the long term side effects of having the smart phones in our lives is that there will develop a stronger propensity in our society for haste in our thinking and our personal growth.  There is no doubt that this personal technology is here to stay, and I"m glad about that.  And yet, a device that is this much a part of our lives will definitely have an impact in our human development in ways that may not be so good if we don’t watch ourselves.