Friday, August 12, 2016

Right Turns

I think it's time to review how to make right turns because I notice this all the time.  When people are approaching an intersection and want to make a right turn (this also applies to those turning into driveways of businesses from busy streets), they tend to make their turn from the driving lane (if it's a one lane road in either direction) or from the second lane (if it's a two lane road in either direction), thus, blocking the free flow of traffic.  This bugs the *&$# out of me because the person is relying on my brakes just so that they can make a turn with a looser radius.

For the record, the way that right turns are supposed to be made is for the driver to merge toward the curb and keep just a few feet away from it while making his or her turn.  This creates a separate lane for the person making the turn allowing the people in the lane from which they left to keep driving straight without having to yield to an idiot with their head up their %** and probably a cell phone in their hand.  It sounds like a little thing, I'm sure, but especially for someone who enjoys driving and is good at it, being blocked suddenly by people making very loose right turns invokes fantasies of having an unregistered heap and hurdling it into the backs of these drivers' cars.

So, let's be civilized and simply safely and prudently merge to the right when making right turns people.