Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Poop Bag Controversy

I don’t often rat on my friends, but I also don’t talk to this friend much anymore.  So without identifying him, I want to tell you a quick story that I though was completely odd and has stuck with me because there seemed something in it that smacked of some weird kind of retribution.  I think it’s because I love dogs to the “nth” degree that I probably remember this story so clearly.  For what his problem was exactly, I don’t know, but here is the story. 

I used to go to dinner with a friend of mine rather regularly, but I’d say, at about two month intervals.  One night we were at dinner at a local restaurant, and he started to tell me a story that had just happened that same morning.  He said that he had put out his plastic city issued trash cans onto the street in front of his house the night before, and as he was walking to the car on his driveway, a young woman who was walking her dog happened to be lifting up his trash can.  Mind you, the trash had not been picked up yet.  She placed a poop bag, the kind you’d find at a park or that you can buy at any pet store, into the trash can. 

For some unknown and inexplicable reason, this had angered my friend.  But by the time he thought about the reality poop bag being in his trash can on the street, the woman had walked off with her dog down the sidewalk.

So my friend went and retrieved the poop bag out of his trash can, then he got into his car and drove down the street to intercept the woman still walking her dog.  He got out of his car, walked up to her, and chastised her for daring to put a poop bag into his trash can on the street (I keep repeating “on the street” because his being offended was just so ridiculous in my opinion). 

He then handed her the poop bag and told her to throw it away somewhere else.  As he got back into his car, he could see that he had startled her with his behavior and that she was crying.  But he proceeded on his way and went to his job. 

So at dinner, he told me this story, as my mouth hung open, and he asked me, “Can you believe that?  That some girl would put her dog’s poop into my trash can?”  It took me a second because I really thought that this was all some weird kind of misfired joke…the story and all.  But he was serious.

I finally answered him. I said, “What I can’t believe is that you did that.  You made her feel bad and cry about that?  She was cleaning up after her dog, and you treated her like that?”  All that he could offer was, “Well…” as if to say, “Well, maybe there’s a point somewhere in there.” 

I then said, “You are aware by the way that when you put your trash can, which is city property, onto the curb, which is also city property, that it is no longer yours right?  I mean, a detective could legally go through it, a news reporter could legally go through it, and the guy down the street could too.”  He said, “Really?”  I then said, “I feel really bad for that women.  She was just trying to walk her dog in the morning, and you made her feel like that.” 

That’s about where the conversation stopped on that topic. 

I’ve remembered this because, one, I love dogs.  I grew up with a procession of dogs, each one a part of the family.  And two, I also love seeing people with their dogs.  It makes me happy to see someone walking their dog along the sidewalk, or in the park.  Dogs are so loyal to us humans, and they are also so dependent on us that when I see one being walked by their owner, I know that it’s a very special time for both parties. 

A person gets to relax and let their guard down, and the dog, who often has been laying asleep at home, gets to go out and get some fresh air, see the world, and probably most importantly to them, feels glee in spending time with their human after hours of being alone.  It’s just a wonderful thing all around. 

So, yeah, this friend’s story really put me off of him.  We’re not friends anymore, not only because of that one incident, but it sure didn’t help. 

I’m going to go tickle my dog, Susie, now!