Friday, April 17, 2020

Canine Corona Company

Every dog who has a home in America is all the happier because of COVID-19.  It has meant not being alone nearly the same amount as usual during the day, someone to always play with, and someone to give them too many treats. 

What no dog knows is that we’re going nuts during large portions of the day, finding new shelves to clear off, online classes to take, and doing a whole lot of thus far, neglected gardening. 

I have gotten sideways glances from my two dogs while moving plants into newer, larger pots in the past week.  I know that our white dog wonders, “What has gotten into this guy?” 

Yesterday, the weather got sunny and warm for a few hours and so I brought a towel out to the back yard and splayed myself on top of the lawn, getting some good vitamin D.  Just a few minutes later, as I was slipping into a meditative dream, I felt licking on my left fingers.  One of the dogs was wondering if I had possibly expired, I’m sure.  Why is this six-foot one in tall guy completely horizontal on the ground? 

Obviously, if I weren’t there, my dogs would be in their own fido-ask meditative slumber, chasing rabbit or piglets, or whatever they do in their dreams. 

I’m missing the segmented portions of my day.  Some work, some lunch out somewhere reading any one of my huge number of unread books, so Muay Thai, boxing and running in the afternoon, shoring up a lease contract and maybe getting a status update on one of the films I’ve recently worked on. 

THEN, coming home and doing a few things around the house followed by meal preparation, even if the preparation means driving to Panda Express. 

These days are just melting together.  Today, the day I’m writing this, I thought was Thursday when I woke up.  It was only my iPhone’s calendar that showed me it was Friday.  And just staying around the house all day long, a house which I truly love by the way, just gets monotonous. 

But not for the dogs.  They love it.  Their eyes are saying, “It’s about time you hang around here through the day and give us a treat and a kiss here and there.”