Sunday, August 16, 2020

Strange Celebrity

Today, I saw the two parter Donny Wahlberg hosted, “Very Scary People”about L.A.’s (and apparently S.F’s…I didn’t know that) “Night Stalker,” Richard Ramirez.    

One thing that came to mind while I was watching the show was a connection I made visually back in 2009, when Michael Jackson announced his final tour.  His hair and glasses immediately reminded me of Richard Ramirez.  Not that Michael Jackson was a serial killer…he may have been a serial some other things…but I don’t think he ever killed anyone.

But his resemblance to Richard Ramirez that one night of his announcement was just uncanny to me.  I mentioned it to a few other people the next day, but for some reason, it didn’t illicit any response in my friends.   

Now just hear me out.  I just wonder if in trying to get more impact imprinted into people’s minds as he was making his announcement, that he either consciously or unconsciously took on the fear-striking image of Richard Ramirez in his get-up that night to illicit an extra response from people seeing his speech.  They viewers wouldn’t know why (they wouldn’t make that connection), but it would create an extra searing memory into people’s minds.  

Michael Jackson for a long time lived on Havenhurst Street in Encino, which was his family home here in Los Angeles.  During the 1980’s Night Stalker terror that was going on all around town, Michael Jackson would have been acutely aware of the news of that day.  And if you recall, Jackson also had a sort of fascination in the occult, as evidenced by his video, “Thriller,” that dealt with that theme throughout.  

So jump to 2009, again, maybe he wasn’t aware of it, but he, in my opinion, took on the image of one of the scariest and most notorious serial killers on the West Coast during his presentation.  It could all just be a coincidence and he just has his hair and glasses fashioned in that way for no reason.  But the resemblance is startling and uncanny.