Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Great Glen Campbell Performances

I just wanted to draw readers' attention to two Glen Campbell performances that I really love. One was for what looks to be a television special in the middle of the day outside with picnic tables for the song, "Southern Nights." The title of the video on YouTube is, "Jerry Reed & Glen Campbell - Southern Nights." I'm activating the link for each song title (click the link, not the image, for each), but YouTube links have such a notoriously short lifespan that in short time, you may have to search for it yourself. But it's well worth the find. This is a multipiece band with two of the greatest guitar players who have ever lived playing together with what Roger Ebert used to term for actors as, "Joy of Performance." You'll see; just listen. And listen for the really pretty banjo rolls that are accompanying them. 

The second performance of his that I really love is one he did on Austin City Limits singing, "Wichita 

Lineman," the Jimmy Webb classic that helped make Glen Campbell's solo career. The title of the YouTube video is, "Glen Campbell on Austin City Limits "Wichita Lineman (1985)" What's so great about this performance, again, is Glen Campbell's joy. You can see that he just really loves people music for people. He plays with such ease, and he does a solo that as it progresses just shows off his dreamy, and yet always virtuosic ability. 

Glen Campbell and Jerry Reed were great playing partners and I believe respected each others' talents. These two were such stellar guitarits, I must say again. Glen was part of the Wrecking Crew, and Jerry was taken under Chet Atkins' wing early on. If you watch them doing "Jerry Reed's, Guitar Man," together, you'll witness their skills. 

And just as an aside, I just want to tell you that as a child in the Hollywood Hills, I used to run around Glen Campbell's house as I was friends with his son and daughter, Travis and Kelli Campbell, along with our mutual friend, David Haskell, son of the great Jimmy Haskell, a highly sought after arranger and also associated with the Wrecking Crew.  I was clearly an idiot for not totally realizing what a legends my friends' dads were at my young age. But you know, we were spending most of our time riding our self-modified Schwinn dirt bikes onto undeveloped lots that hadn't been built on, which had a sort of stair-stepped arrangement from which we could jump our bikes, hit berms, and crash a lot.  Our scrambles around Glen's house were to re-hydrate, go to Travis' room to re-organizze, and then run back out of the house like the little crazy people that we were to get back onto our dirt bikes.

Lastly, for a special treat, you can see the following people all playing together. It's insane. Glen Campbell,

Jerry Reed, Meryl Haggard, Mel Tillis, Johnny Cash & June Carter, Buck Ownens, and Freddie Hart. All are performing on Glen Campbell's television show. To have all of that talent playing and having fun together is just so amazing to me. The video is called, appropriately enough, "Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Buck Ownens, Mel Tillis, Meryl Haggard, Jerry Reed & Freddie Hart." Okay, well, I've given you some great music to check out. Enjoy!