Saturday, November 7, 2020

Pounds of Foolishness

It seems very strange to me that for a nation that is so liberal politically, trying to create a workable free health care program, as well as many other progressive enterprises, that the U.K. would choose to sustain royalty.  Have you ever thought of that?  The Royal Family and their assets are worth around seventy-five billion British Pounds (eighty-eight billion American dollars).  And yet, there are people in the U.K. struggling to make ends meet.  The Royal Family and all of its apparatus are completely unnecessary, and they perpetuate some belief in the true-blood line concept of people.  

In addition, when people in the U.K. criticize American billionaires and heads of companies that earn various forms of golden parachutes, they sound hypocritical while they support the Royal Family’s existence.  One could argue that the Royal Family brings in revenue to Britain, as tourists who come to England to see Buckingham Palace, for instance. That’s all true.  However, here you have propped up a certain group of people above the population to inherit great wealth and have access to a life that no-one else does.  That doesn’t sound so progressive to me.